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dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

I am back!

Hello everybody, I'm sorry for being absent over two months... I was enjoying my nails for myself alone, without bothering if my followers already had seen this colour because I showed it to you before. I also wasn't content about my creations and the quality of my pictures. I must say that I was a bit disappointed in getting so little feedback. So all together a bit of a writers block. But my nailfriend Diana convinced me to keep blogging and because I take her opinion seriously, I give it a new try. Because I have so many international followers, I try to write in English. Here you can see some of my creations in the past 2,5 month.

3 opmerkingen:

Nailing Nail Art zei

love the pink nail arts!!

Esther zei

Super dat je er weer bent! Het zijn weer mooie creaties! De bovenste met de ijsjes en stipjes is cute zeg, heb je de stipjes los gemaakt?

Anoniem zei

Leuk leuk!! Zoveeeeel creaties!!