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woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Essie Greenport with M70 in PSN Grey

This weekend I received my first "chunkie" for my NOOSA bracelet as a present. I got a "buddha" and I am very happy because that was just the one I was "lemming" the most and you cannot buy a "buddha" for youself. When you give somebody a "buddha" it is a sign of "friendship" and wishing luck to somebody. Now that I got it from my special friends, it is even more precious to me. I love the design of the "NOOSA" chunks and the symolisation of them. I also bought some buttons that fit the bracelet at Kralenboutique Monique. These are not "the real thing" but some of them look nice and I wanted to give it a try. I combined two with the buddha and this inspired me to make this creation. Hope you like it! NOOSA is a Dutch design. Do you like it?

3 opmerkingen:

Esther zei

Erg mooie combi, past mooi bij je armband! Je bent trouwens lekker bruin zeg!

-Diana- zei

Leuk die armband met je nagels samen.

Tanja zei

Heel erg mooi!! Ik heb ook al een paar jaar zo'n armband van NOOSA, echt leuk dat je ze nu zoveel ziet!!
Ik vind je nagels echt heel erg mooi in combinatie met je armband!!!